“He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach to all creation” Mark 16:15

October 2021

The Fearful/dreaded part of the journey ~
The scariest part of preparing to go to the mission field is asking people to financially support you. Asking others to believe in you and your vision us not easy. Afraid they will say “no,” missionaries are often hesitant to ask others for support.

This past September, I was privileged to lead the FMI Support Raising Training in Billings, Montana. Along with 13 coaches, there were 17 soon to be deployed missionaries, who would soon begin the often-frightening process of asking others to join them in their call by supporting them with prayer and finances.

Down, But Not Out ~
When I arrived home from the training, I discovered I had Covid. The first 14 days were days of isolation. I lost 12 pounds and had no energy. Nancy took excellent care of me and I am happy to say that we are ‘on the road again.’

During the first part of October, we celebrated our 56th wedding anniversary, Nancy had a birthday and I turned 80. Nancy is much younger than me. As a testimony to God’s goodness, we are still running and not getting weary [Is. 40:30,31]. One more important event, we welcomed our 14th grandchild into our family.

On The Road Again ~
Nancy and I will travel to the Dominican Republic November 7th -12th. FMI Regional Director Jonathan Hall, national leaders of the Caribbean and FMI missionaries serving in the Caribbean will also be there. Joining us will be some leaders from North Carolina who are looking to get involved in The Dominican and connect with national leader Juan Carlos.

Seeing And Serving with Arms Wide Open ~
Even though we have met opposition from the county in establishing “The Quiet Place,” we are undeterred and trusting Jesus that by early spring everything will be settled and we will be ready to receive guests.

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