We look forward to the days ahead as God restores & refreshes lives!

May 2021

God’s hands…
God’s promise has been fulfilled! As we look back to last August when we first began to dream and talk about how God would use us in our latter days, we are overcome with joy and gratitude. The Lord gave us a vision for providing a place for missionaries, pastors and those who serve God’s people to have a place of respite.

Our hands…
We are official! We have a brochure in our hand! In reading Exodus 36 the other day, we felt that just as God was giving instructions on how to construct the tabernacle, He was also giving us instructions on how to build the vision He placed in our hands, including all the materials. We continue to be amazed that not only did He put it in our hearts to prepare a place, but He has over and over again provided workers and supplies needed to complete the task!

Your hands…
As we write this newsletter, please accept it as a personal invitation to come and experience “The Quiet Place.” It is also our desire that you prayerfully consider who you could hand the brochure to who might need some time to refocus, repurpose, replenish and restore. We would consider it an honor to get them scheduled for their personal time away with the Father…near to the heart of God.

We pray you are doing well. We’d love to hear about what God is accomplishing in and through you. We love you!

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