"They will run and not gro weary." Isaiah 40:37

Who would have thought that during a time of such uncertainty in our world, we would feel led of the Father to create a "quite place" * where those who are tired and questioning their future can step away from their daily lives and experience, in a fresh way, the love of the Father. Our vision is to provide an affordable retreat where we can focus our time on encouraging and strengthening those He brings to us. *Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest. Mk. 6:31

Through the sale of a small home that we purchased four years ago, we felt led to invest in a 2009 fifth wheel camper and park it permanently on our property, the first step in creating our "quiet place.


Undaunted by the size of this undertaking, we-,are moving forward to make the camper a permanent part of our property. Step 2 is the task of connecting the septic tank, water, electricity, and propane so that the camper will be fully self­contained.

When spring arrives, we want to have the camper ready to receive guests. Because this is an older camper, for step 3, we will need to do Jots of upgrading and furnishing the camper as we//.


We are over the moon excited that the Father has placed in our hearts this vision and the potential this retreat could provide for ministers. We are inviting you to be part of this journey by joining us in prayer for further vision and for our future guests. You can also join us financially with a monthly or a special gift. You can do so by going to
www.globalhopeworld.com. Our voice resounds with you and those all over the world saying, "Let your kingdom come and your will be done."



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