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July 2022

“May the God of Hope fill you with peace and joy.” Romans 15:13 July 2022 Greetings Friends ~ A song I play on my Sunday morning radio show is addressed to the Lord and begins with these words, “How can I say thanks for all you have done for me.” We are so grateful to …

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April 2022

“He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach to all creation” Mark 16:15 April 2022 Reflecting ~ Helping missionaries quickly deploy to the place they have been called, is one of the things George has the privilege of doing. In January, Area Coaches Jim Wells and Steve Rosier joined him in Los …

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October 2021

“He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach to all creation” Mark 16:15 October 2021 The Fearful/dreaded part of the journey ~ The scariest part of preparing to go to the mission field is asking people to financially support you. Asking others to believe in you and your vision us not easy. …

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May 2021

We look forward to the days ahead as God restores & refreshes lives! May 2021 God’s hands… God’s promise has been fulfilled! As we look back to last August when we first began to dream and talk about how God would use us in our latter days, we are overcome with joy and gratitude. The …

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December 2020

“They will run and not gro weary.” Isaiah 40:37 Who would have thought that during a time of such uncertainty in our world, we would feel led of the Father to create a “quite place” * where those who are tired and questioning their future can step away from their daily lives and experience, in …

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September 2020

Prayer for George as he takes the online training classes and meets with his team. • Prayer for Nancy: she had surgery on her right knee and now it looks like she will need surgery on her left knee. September 2020 It’s fall, leaves are turning color, nights are getting colder and days are getting …

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July 2020

“… to find meaning in the midst of the pandemic means that I take my “mask” off before Jesus and look to Him for real meaning, not at what I do or accomplish.” My life is busy; filled with endless tasks that scream for attention. There is never enough time in a day to do …

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May 2020

RUNNING THE RACE Nancy and I have been spending our early morning hours over coffee, reflecting and examining our life and ministry. These times together have confronted me with the recognition that for years I have pursued God for the wrong reasons. I wanted Him for what He could do for me and not for …

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George and Nancy Cline

September 2019

Increased sensitivity to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Greater insight on how to strengthen and support the pastors and missionaries we serve. Preview text September 2019 Change? How many of us ever really volunteer for change? When we have something figured out and working well, few of us would ever be waving our hands, …

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August 2019

Preview text God’s wisdom and guidance for the days ahead and Open doors to serve pastors, churches and missionaries August 2019 It is early Saturday morning and the sun has just come up. Nancy and I are setting on the deck in our backyard wrapped in our warm robes, drinking hot coffee and listening to …

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