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August 2019

It is early Saturday morning and the sun has just come up. Nancy and I are setting on the deck in our backyard wrapped in our warm robes, drinking
hot coffee and listening to the sounds of the early morning. Once again, God is reminding us that our future is secure in His hands.

While sitting here on the deck we realized that the month of July had flown by. We were in Puerto Rico for a week with several young pastors from California who have a vision to work with the Puerto Rican pastors and assist them in establishing home churches.

The following week we attended FMI Support Raising Training in Los Angeles for our missionaries. For the past eight years I have attended these trainings to help our coaches prepare missionaries to raise their financial support and deploy to the mission field. This time the training was different.

First, Nancy and I attended the training together. That was special. Second, Nancy and I were the
missionaries preparing to share our vision and passion to partners in the new ministry God has for us.

Our new ministry includes:
1. Continue to recruit and train coaches. This helps fulfill a passion in my heart. It multiplies the number of missionaries who can quickly go to other nations with the gospel.
2. Helping pastors and churches connect with missionaries in Europe and the Caribbean and plan mission trips to these two regions of the world.
3. Connecting with pastors throughout the U.S. Because of our 55 years of experience in ministry, we understand some of the challenges they face.

We hope to be a source of hope and encouragement to them. We feel a sense of excitement and
anticipation as we take this step of faith, knowing that our future is in His hands.

As our friends, we want to thank you for your love and prayers. We will keep you updated on
this new journey we are on. We are excited for the privilege and opportunity God has given us to help missionaries and pastors to advance the Gospel throughout the world.

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