“He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach to all creation” Mark 16:15

April 2022

Reflecting ~

Helping missionaries quickly deploy to the place they have been called, is one of the things George has the privilege of doing. In January, Area Coaches Jim Wells and Steve Rosier joined him in Los Angeles to prepare Partnership Development [Support Raising] videos for already deployed missionaries who have not had the opportunity to come home for in person training.
We had never been to Marysville, Washington until we traveled there in March to prepare 7 missionaries, 9 coaches and 2 church planters how to fully fund their ministry. Steve Rosier and Tiffany Jones joined me as presenters. Steve and Cheri were our hosts. Saturday George spoke at a mission conference and our week concluded with George speaking at the Marysville church on Sunday.

Preparing ~

Because of covid restrictions, we are not traveling out of the country. Instead, for now, we have decided to make churches in the states our focus. We thoroughly enjoy the winter weather
but we are eagerly anticipating the warmer weather. Our plan is to take road trips visiting churches and pastors in Colorado, Nebraska and Kansas. Our desire is to get to know pastors and be a source of encouragement to them and help them connect to the mission field.

Inviting ~

This is an invitation for you to come to the “Quiet Place”, a 5th wheel camper, parked on our property. It is a place to withdraw, be refreshed and relax. There is no cost. You just cover your travel expense to the Denver airport and we will pick you up, feed you and let you discover the joy of “being still.”

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